Founded by royal charter of D. Sebastião in 1569, the Jesuits' College of Funchal marked, throughout the centuries, the lives of the inhabitants of Madeira Island. For more than 400 years of its history, it served a number of tenants, from British invaders to the University of Madeira, coming to serve as a military facility and a number of schools. Despite its military applications, it has always kept a close relationship with education.

Portrayed as "one of the most remarkable buildings that exists on the island" by Historian and Professor Rui Carita, the Jesuits' College of Funchal is the stage of a cultural and scientific awareness project lead by the Students' Union, meant for, both, local residents and visitors of the region.

The inauguration of Gaudeamus – University of Madeira Students' Union Store - at the entrance of the College was the starting point, in 2012, of its opening for the general public. A circuit of autonomous tours of the College and Church was added to it, as well as monthly gatherings from Coimbra Fado concerts and a service of guided tours and quick tours at the College and Church, whose circuits also include, among others, reserved areas of the University of Madeira Rectory.

Above all these Projects show the spirit of the institution. It values the volunteer work from a team composed by students and former students of the UMa and involves professors of our academy. This work is scarce and undervalued in this country.

Everyone's contribute will be vital, even if you contribute in the form of a simple visit to our store or by donation. Only then we will be able to continue financing all of the projects that we have to offer to, both, our students and the population, whether free of charge or symbolically paid.

As a part of its wide and varied mission, the University of Madeira Students' Union is committed to participate in defining and executing social action programs and contributing to the improvement of educational conditions. Aware of the alarming economic situation in the region and country, which result in difficulties for students and their families, it created the Nourishment Grant.

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